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MH Business Overview

Ningbo MH Industry Co., Ltd. was incepted in the year 1999 as a key manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Embroidery Thread, Long Chain Zipper, Elastic Tape And Braid, Petersham Ribbon, Knitted Rope, etc. to meet the needs of garment accessories and tailoring materials. With years of hard-work and development, we have developed strong business relationships with more than 150 countries having sales amount of $670 million. We have nine well-equipped factories located in 3 industry zones at the area of 382,000m2 plant area managed by 1900 workers to create high-quality products. We can develop embroidery thread 500 tons/month, 100 tons/month of ribbons & webbings, sewing thread 3000 tons/month, 2,500,000m2/month of lace fabric and trimming. In addition, we have also developed long-term cooperation with 1500 manufacturers to meet the demands of 10000 different kinds of tailor's material and fabric.

Today, the company is reckoned as AAA Trustworthy Company, Top 500 China Service Industry and MH, TWO BIRDS trademark. Our constant efforts and dedication to attain perfection have enabled us creating a vast kingdom of tailor's material and fabric for catering to the needs of the clients with full-category on-time and at reasonable prices.

The group of MH includes the following companies:

  • Ningbo MH Overseas Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Ningbo MH Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Ningbo Two Birds Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Ningbo New Times Co., Ltd.
  • Ningbo Weiji Textiles Co., Ltd.
  • Ningbo Two Birds Ribbon & Tape Co., Ltd.
  • Ningbo MH Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.
  • Ningbo MH Drawnwork Co., Ltd.
  • Ningbo MH Thread Co., Ltd.
  • Ningbo Sunflower Embroidery Thread Co., Ltd.

MH Industrial Facilities

MH is a leading name of the market serving the needs of the market with the help of nine well-equipped factories situated in 3 industry zones. The plant  is spanned over 300,000 square meters and managed by 3000 workers to create high-quality polyester sewing thread, lace and embroidery, embroidery thread, ribbon, and tape.

MH Thread Factory

MH has three industry zones for thread factories that are located over an area of 220,000m2 with high-technology machines. These units are managed by 1100 skilled workers, who follow strict manufacturing management system. They supply superior quality threads to more than 1000 customers all over the world. The company is dedicated to sewing thread and embroidery thread manufacturing for more than 20 years.

Sewing Thread Factory

MH Sewing Thread Factory is engaged in yarn spinning, dyeing, winding and packing of sewing threads with annual producing capacity of 1800*40'HQ. We provide a wide range of threads such as bonded nylon, spun and corespun polyesters, waxed polyester thread, etc. in different sizes and colors for meeting different demands of the clients. MH sewing thread offers different kinds of products to global manufacturing units of carpet, home fashion, clothes, bedding, industry, packaging, etc. at competitive prices.

Embroidery Thread Factory

MH Embroidery Thread Factory is loaded with a complete set of production lines for conducting the processes of spinning, dyeing, winding and shaping. With advanced processes, we ensure mass production of high-quality rayon embroidery thread and polyester embroidery thread. Our modern manufacturing methods ensure the annual producing capacity of 300*40'HQ. Our company offers few knots, high tenacity and soft hand feeling embroidery threads with good color fastness properties.

We can provide more than 800 colors in MH Sewing threads and embroidery threads. In addition to this, we also accept small quantity orders. According to the application and needs, we provide proper thread and expert advice. With continuous efforts on creativity and innovation, we deliver the best-quality threads and unmatched customer services to the patrons.

Test Center

We have a high-technology test center with modern test equipments to test and control the quality standards of the products from raw yarn to finished threads. We test the complete product-line for strength, color fastness, evenness, hairiness, sewing performance, etc. We have the following facilities for testing:

  • Uster Classimat
  • MQC+Benchtop NMP for Spin Finish
  • Thread evenness tester
  • Thread sewing tester

Color Sample Center

We own a fully-fledged color sample center with automatic color control system to ensure the precise color matching customer's need. We follow strict product standards to guarantee the development of the best and stable threads. Our facilities in the unit are:

  • Automatic Color Control System
  • Automatic Dispensing System

Dyeing and Drying

During the processes of dyeing and drying, our company not only cares about the matching as well as fastness of the colors, but also we take great care of dyed yarn spindle shape as this property affects thread rewinding quality. Perfect yarn spindle shape ensures to minimize the chances of breakage during rewinding. We have the following machines for dyeing and drying:

  • Fongs Dyeing Machine
  • Thies Pressure Dryer

High-speed Winding Machine

We have SSM TK2-20CT high-speed precision winding machines to create the thread cone in first-class shape with proper tension. In addition, this machine also ensures no deformation during transportation as well as outstanding performance when it comes to length and oil uniformity.

Green Manufacturing

Our company has a sophisticated sewage treatment center and water recycling system to contribute in green production, energy saving and environmental protection. Owing to our hard-work and high-quality standards, we have achieved quality certificates of ISO14001:2015, ISO 90001:2015, ISO18001:2007 and Oeko-tex 100.

Webbing & Tape Factory

MH Webbing & Tape Factories are well-equipped with 100 shuffle and shuffle-less looms, 7 warping machines, 2 covering machines, etc. The unit also has 100 computer jacquard looms and 1500 spindle looms to ensure the production capacity of 40*40'HQ for all kinds of tapes every month. We can provide high-quality braided elastic tape, mattress tape, zig-zag, bias binding tape, woven elastic tape, knitted elastic tape, curtain tape, PP webbing, cutting tape, and other trimming tapes.

We also have a modern bias tape workshop situated over an area of 8400m2 managed by 64 workers. The unit has 2 band-cutter sewing machines, 4 bias cutting machines, 1 spreader, 4 sets ultrasonic machines, etc. We have also installed 4 cutting machines, 25 flat sewing machines, 15 sets fusing machines, and 15 cotton bias tape winders to develop all kinds of bias binding tape such as cotton bias binding tape, satin polyester bias binding tape, leather bias binding tape, T/C bias binding tape, metallic bias binding tape, bias piping cord, etc.

Laces Factory

Ningbo MH embroidery Lace is a chain enterprise with different sections of production, R&D, design, and sales of embroidery lace products. We have 7 lace factories and 7 sample production lines. The units are controlled by 100 R&D engineers. We have more than 500 sets of imported computerized embroidery machines that ensure the annual production capacity of 1200*40'HQ. Our products such as wedding tulle lace, multicolor lace, solid lace, chemical guipure lace, cotton lace, fringe lace, eyelash lace, Raschel lace, embroidery with print, laser lace, lace with metallic embroidery, sequins lace, positioning embroidery, motif and lace collar, etc. are designed to meet the needs of many garment brands.

We have 506 sets of shuttle computerized embroidery machine that was imported from Switzerland, Japan and South Korea. In addition to this, we have also 118 sets of looms, 21 dyeing production lines, 84 sets of computerized jacquard machines, 16 sets of inspection equipment, etc. We have also installed Germany MONFORTS fabric width setting machine, conveying system and automatic dye auxiliaries weighing machine in the unit.

MH Lace Factory Advantages


  • Offer 360customized embroidery Lace and other products.
  • 15 years of big data, 200,000 + lace pattern cloud library and 52 lace categories to inspire designers with endless ideas
  • More than 100 people in R & D team to ensure 17 sample production lines and create 100 new designs and samples each month
  • 6 new product development modes to tailor lace fashion development
  • 19 new product patents
  • 100+ pattern copyright every month with "Original + copyright protection"


  • Over 100 senior designers and plate making engineers for converting fashion ideas into reality fast.
  • 17 professional sample production line
  • 7 big factories to produce 30 million M/year
  • Modern warehouses located over an area of 20000with well-known logistics company for fast delivery of goods


  • A skilled consultant team with 100 people
  • Ensure 1 to 1 customers service
  • 18 standardized product inspection processes
  • 4 lean production management system
  • 7 big after-sales worry free policy

Why Choose Us?

  • Since 1999: Ningbo MH was incepted in the year 1999 with rich experience in the domain of garment accessories and fabrics export business. Today, we export products to more than 100 countries
  • MH Brand: We have two brands MH and Two Birds that ensure quality, performance and consumer satisfaction.
  • Local Office: We have 40 overseas branches in 35 countries. We have appointed 82 local staff to visit customers face to face and give services to the clients for providing complete convenience to the clients.
  • MH Factories and Supply Chains: Since 2001, we have been investing in manufacturers. Today, MH sewing thread factory has become one of the largest companies in China with 3000tons/month production capacity. We have advanced embroidery thread factory and lace embroidery factory with more than 50 designers to create new fashion designs every week. Our ribbon and tape factory has more than 3000 different machines. Moreover, we have also developed strong business links with more than 2000 factories. We also have 20000sqm warehouse, logistic and contracts with shipping lines to ensure timely-delivery.

Our Journey to Success


Annual export is exceeded 60 million dollars that is a high-record

Top 20 Export Company of Ningbo City

2021 Export Famous Brand of Zhejiang Province

2021 Top 100 Company of Tertiary industry


Honored by Government Agency as high-tech enterprise Certificate of Export Commodity Brand.

Top 100 of Tertiary Industry in Zhejiang Province (ranking 75th)


2019 Ningbo MH 20th Anniversary Celebration

Top 100 Manufacturing Companies in 2019 (ranking 37th)

In the year 2019, MH Building was opened for MH overseas


Established 40 oversea branches to contact local patrons timely

Annual sales was up to $470 million

Ningbo Top 200 Export Enterprises in 2018 (ranking 12th)


MH lace business unit with complete supply chain started operations


MH Hunan Industry base started developing sewing thread in the capacity of 3000 tons per month.


Modern product line of polyester sewing thread was developed

MH Initiated public welfare and environmental protection activities.


MH e-commerce company-Aosom E-commerce (China) Limited Co., was incepted


Started equity incentives for subcompany.

Purchased a commercial land in south of Zhenhai for new office on an area of 60000

MH Hunan Industrial base started developing workshop on an area of 220000 with $62 million investment to improve garment accessories industry chain. The expected annual output was 20000 tons of polyester sewing thread, 3000tons of lace and tape products and 7000 tons of embroidery thread


Started B2C e-commerce business in Germany, Canada, America, Britain and France

The fourth production base was developed for developing high quality sewing threads.

Three-dimensional warehouse was established over an area of 20,000


Mh group was divided into International Trade unit, Overseas Investment unit, Investment unit, Domestic Marketing unit and Manufacturing industry unit.


Over 300 stadd of MH moved to the new office located over an area of 7,490.


MH got ISO 9001:2000 three-in-one system certificate.

MH embroidery thread was authorized according to STANDARD 100 BY Oeko-Tex.

MH trademark was honored as Zhejiang Famous Trademark and Famous Trademark of China.


The third production base (Zhenhai Base) started production with lace dyeing plant, scarf plant and polyester thread plant

Ningbo MH Industry Co., Ltd. ascended to "China Top 500 Enterprises in Service Field" for the first time, ranking 438th


Ningbo MH Industry Co., Ltd. Charity Fund was started

"MH" Brand was honored as Famous Brand of Ningbo.

Ningbo MH Industry Co., Ltd. ascended to "Ningbo Top 100 Enterprises" (ranking 72) and "Zhejiang Top 80 Enterprises in Service Field" (ranking 50th).


First oversea branch-Nigeria came into operation.

Lace plant was put into production with annual industry output reached $30 Million.

Bought a land of 15000 in Zhenhai Industry Zone for starting third production base.


MH moved to new office located over an area of 6000 with 100 staff.

MH ranked as "China Top 100 Private Enterprises" with $70 million sales.


MH embroidery factory along with ribbon & tape factory started operations.


MH bought land of 83000 in Jiangbei, Ningbo for the second production base


MH purchased a land with 20000 in Changfeng Industry base

MH Moved into new office building situated over 1400 with 50 staff.


On Decemener, Ningbo MH Industry Co., Ltd. was established in Ningbo for developing tailor's materials products.

MH Culture

Core Values

  • Customers focusing strategies to create values for them and strive for excellence
  • Strong teamwork to accomplish the task
  • Sustainable innovation and creativity to face up to changes and launch transition to attain a breakthrough
  • Passion and aggressiveness in work to spread positive energy as well as provide the best performance
  • Honesty and dedication to win the trust of the clients

MH Dreams

  • Vision: To create a reliable and strong kingdom of Tailor's Material.
  • Mission: To offer a full range of garment accessories to global customers at reasonable prices.
  • Five-year-goal: To continuously increase the brand value, market share and corporate earnings.

Social Responsibility

  • Corporate social responsibility: We contribute to society with unmatched business practices and policies.
  • Trusted enterprise: We are certified by Oeko-TexStandard100 and also honored as Top 500 China Service Industry and AAA Trustworthy Company.
  • Concerned about environmental protection: We have been practicing green manufacturing for 16 years. We are committed to reduce the production processes and pollutant emissions by developing sewage treatment laboratory. In 2015, we have launched the dope dyeing, cationic modified polyester, recycled polyester, and Better- Cotton-Initiative four green ecological embroidery series. We have also initiated a "green footprint" environmental protection activity to take care for the natural ecology.
  • Corporate social responsibility: We have developed a "Mh Weekly" electronic newspaper, MH WeChat and varied different communication platforms to publicize Mh culture. We also have special funds to support cultural activities, team building activity, staff tourism, etc. Our outdoor hiking club, photography club, basketball club, football club, and total eight club are free for the workers and staff.
  • Charity and public service: We provide "Xiao dou ya" Scholarship Fund to help children in poor village in their studies for ten years. Every summer, we also provide cooling gift for sanitation workers and traffic polices.
  • We also support "clothing cycle" activity by donating over 10,000pcs clothing to Guizhou, Yunnan and other poor areas. We also visit the children in Ningbo Enmeier children welfare institute for giving gifts to children.
  • Caring for employees' health: We have special funds for staff health. We also conduct annual physical examination, arrange health talks and spread health preservation knowledge. We also have "Firefly employee mutual fund to aid workers in major disease or suffered disaster.

Our Certifications and Achievements

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems
  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational health and safety management systems
  • Sewing Thread: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Annex 6
  • Embroidery thread: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Annex 6
  • Recycled Polyester Sewing Thread: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Annex 6
  • Sewing thread: GRS 4.0
  • Knitted and woven tape or band: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Annex 4
  • Hook and Loop: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Annex 4
  • Lace Certificate: Oeko-Tex 100 Standard Class 1, GRS (Global Recycling Standard) and OCS (Organic Content Standard)
  • Woven Interlining Certificate: Oeko-Tex 100 standard class 1
  • Zipper Certificate: Oeko-Tex 100 Standard Class 1
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